Acting Like A Grown-Up For Your Kids


Easier said than done for many, maintaining a mature co-parenting relationship with your ex may be one of your greatest challenges as you continually seek to rebuild and redefine your life post-relationship. Emotions may still be running high for a very long time for one or both of you. It is imperative that you deal with the emotional demons surrounding your divorce in order to be the parent your child needs you to be. …

5 Things You Absolutely, Positively MUST DO for Your Children After You Decide to Divorce

The decision has been made. You and your spouse have decided to divorce. How do you tell your kids in a way that opens the door for all the feelings and emotions they may have to be honored, acknowledged and validated? Read these five MUST DO’s to find out:

1. Break the News With the Family All Together
Both parents should present a united front when telling your children about the breakup. Discuss with your spouse how you would like the conversation to go, what you will say and who will say it. …

Unraveling From Your Ex-Spouse


You’ve gone to court, the divorce is final.  Perhaps it was a long messy ordeal or maybe it was simple, amicable and uncomplicated.  You think, whew…I’m glad that is finally over, now I can move forward with my life! You can finally put your former relationship with your ex behind you…or can you? Whether you have the divorce decree in hand or not, emotionally disentangling from you ex is not quite as cut and dry as signing the settlement agreement.

Good Grief


Grief and divorce is an interesting thing.  When I made the decision to end my marriage I was quite naive as to the impact it would have on my family and myself. People going through divorce and separation don't typically share their experiences with grief with too many "outsiders". The intense feelings of grief I have experienced since the break-up have been unlike anything I have ever known and at times I thought my heart would burst. …

Love After Love

As Valentine's Day draws near, why not take some much needed time to acknowledge and nurture yourself? For many of us, we reflect back on our marriages and realize we have let ourselves become defined by the relationship, as your spouses' husband, wife, partner. Society tends to encourage this thinking. As I step out into the world now as a single…this couple-oriented world isn't quite sure what to make of me. No wonder we go through a quasi-identity crisis as we let go of our old relationship. 

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